American Oak Veneer – Chocolate

American Oak Veneer – Chocolate
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Product Details:

American Oak Veneer Colour:

  • Chocolate

Why Veneer?

We may be local but we want the best timbers in the world to work with.  We may be furniture makers, but we want the worlds forests to be around for our children's children.

Veneers give us access to American White Oak.  Grown in North America, no third world rainforest's were harmed in the making of our furniture.  Veneers provide a consistent, flat and durable surface.  Cut to display the beauty of the wood, we can create prefect corners, and strong joints without sacrificing our design requirements.

Veneers are stable, and cope with the warmth of todays houses.  No need to hide your beautiful table under a tablecloth when we have made it.

Stylish contemporary furniture created and designed here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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